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Silver Link VoIP - save up to 40% on your phone bills.

To show you the advantages and quality of our VoIP service we will offer you a free 30 day trial.
We will give you one of our Cisco VoIP phones (Cisco 7905 or 7940), free.
We will also install the phone in your office and train you of the basic functions.
Test its for 30 days, making calls as you do normally. After 30 days we will review and compare your previous bills with our VoIP bill.
After this the choice is yours.
If you are happy with our VoIP service then you can sign up straight away, keeping your trial telephone number or opt for a new one. The choice is yours!

- 30 days free trial
- Free handset (Cisco 7905 or 7940)
- 1 UK telephone number
- Free installation
- Free basic training
- Free support
- Free UK landlines calls


Broadband installed in your office.


Each handset uses approx 30k of bandwidth per phone call (both download and upload)

512k ADSL (256k upload) can handle 8 concurrent calls
512k SDSL (512k upload) can handle 16 concurrent
2mb SDSL (2mb upload) can handle 68 concurrent calls

If you are looking to share an internet line for Voice and Data you need to have a QoS enabled router. These start at £80.
Remember that if you are sharing an internet line for Voice and Data you will need to allow enough bandwidth to not only cover your concurrent calls but also allow spare bandwidth for internet and email access. If a customer has a QoS router also enables you to have remote access this to enable it.

*as ADSL is often contended 20:1 or 50:1 it is recommended that a supplier is chosen who do have a highly loaded network.
We recommend a 1:1 un-contended ADSL, for voice only and another ADSL line for data transfer. If you choose to use our Voip service outside of this recommendation then we cannot be responsible for any call disruptions, or drop outs.