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Silver Link Solutions - Terminal ServicesMore and more companies are choosing the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Terminal Services over the traditional expensive Workstation infrastructure. Instead of purchasing many costly workstations for your staff and servers for your IT department, you can buy thin clients and a terminal server. Furthermore if you choose to use one of our terminal servers and connect to it remotely, you wont even need an IT department any more. We will take care of the terminal server, your applications and vital data.

The first step is to contact us and provide details about your company. Once we know how many members of staff would be using the terminal services, what software would you need and what is the budget for such a project, then we could tailor the most suitable solution for you, highlighting the best choice of terminal server and clients that will meet all of your requirements.

What is Silver Terminal Services ?

Silver Termeinal Service is a cost-saving superior alternative to conventional ways of running your desktop IT. In the same way that mission critical applications such as websites and email are often now hosted in a secure data centre, Silver Termeinal Service hosts your PC desktops with access through a “thin client”. We use high resilience industry standard HP hardware and de facto standard Microsoft software across our server farm, so that your user desktop remains reassuringly familiar, and you can take advantage of cheaper, smaller and inherently more reliable thin clients. This is an ideal solution if your employees are on the move as Silver Termeinal Service works seamlessly with standard desktop PC’s, PDA’s, mobile phones and laptops. The potential savings can be huge not only in terms of hardware and software purchase costs, but also operational expenses and maintenance overheads. Your data is held off-site at our security data centre which is mirrored to another location for resilience and reliability. Since we started the current service there has not been a single second of downtime.

What do you get with Silver Termeinal Service?
  • Ease of Use - Silver Termeinal Service includes all the latest stable versions of your usual Microsoft Windows Office applications as standard with other applications available on demand. The only difference your users will notice is increased reliability and ease of working remotely.
  • Protection - your company is more effectively protected as Silver Termeinal Service is inherently more secure. All your information is stored centrally with users protected from spam, viruses, and unauthorised intrusion by high end firewalls, and servers are automatically updated with the latest Microsoft security fixes.
  • Reliability – the system offers zero downtime as we provide you with the latest 64 bit technology servers, software and security from our world class data centre with fully redundant and mirrored servers and automatic off-site backups included as standard.
  • Convenience - your data is available whenever you may need it. If you are working away from the office, simply access your data and applications from wherever you are. We also provide you and your users with free unlimited helpdesk support.
  • Flexibility - our solution is flexible and grows with you as your business expands with more capacity easily organised on demand. In addition, more applications can be added as and when you required but you only pay for what you need.
  • Cost Effective – there is no capital expenditure as all equipment is provided free of charge, and operational costs are slashed as there are no maintenance costs as we provide free upgrades and free data backup is included, and it’s good for the planet too as your energy costs are reduced (on average £120-£200 per pc/server per year).

If you would like to discuss a quote or have any questions then please call us on 0845 688 0166