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Silver Link Solutions - Web Hosting
Do you need a professional care for your web site, database or emails?

The Silver Link will look after your online identity and make sure you never have to contact a Support Rep again. Our hosting plans are designed to satisfy the small to medium sized company's needs. But we can not put a limit to customers' requirements, for that reason we offer Customized Hosting as well. You need to contact us giving us details on what features you are looking for and we will prepare the right hosting offer for you.


We use the latest state of the art technology to power our hosting presence. We believe that the quality of our servers directly affects our service - we don't believe you can run servers in a hot, overcrowded server room and expect the 100% uptime we do.

The majority of our servers are running Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server. We are extremely experienced with Microsoft’s operating systems as internet server platforms, and are one of the few UK providers that specialise in Windows Server.

Our servers are all located in carrier-neutral data centres in Docklands, London. We use exclusively Redbus data centres, due to their class-leading SLA, security and power facilities. Redbus also has the great advantage of being carrier-neutral, allowing us to connect to several providers for redundancy.



All data centres feature totally comprehensive 24/7 security. This includes the protection of security barriers, 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include visual verification of all persons entering the building, CCTV video camera surveillance and a security breach alarm provides the control room with information. All persons entering the data floor have proximity tags to gain access which are logged and verified.


We have a scalable and sustainable power supply. A minimum of 1Kw per square metre secure power is available, with power isolated between customer and maintained indefinitely, plus on-site generation which can deal with both customer and plant load whilst recharging the UPS. All the facilities are built to at least an N+1 standard; put simply, this means that if two generators are required to provide non-stop power, then there’ll be three installed. So rather than guaranteeing 99.99% availability, the guarantee is 100%.

Fire Protection

The fire detection and suppression system is one of the most advanced available. Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is installed in every facility. These highly sensitive aspirating smoke detectors are linked to the Building Management system which is monitored continually from a network operations centre, provide very early detection. This is coupled with a gas based fire retardant that is environmentally friendly, to put out fires instantly, without damaging equipment.

Air Conditioning

To ensure optimum performance, all data floors are maintained at a constant 21°C ± 2°C and relative humidity is kept at 50% ± 10%. Both are continually monitored via the building management system.