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Silver Link Solutions - Data BackupData is one of the most valuable assets of todays businesses. Wheter you already backup your data or not you can still go for the additional security of Off-Site backups.
The Silver Link offers you a remote and local backups and the needed software for automatic scheduled backup operations.

1. Locally

    We could design and implement a backup system on your premises if you dont have one already.
    Then visit and do the backups for you on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

2. Remotely

    The Silver Link offers low-cost secure and reliable online backup to its customers that includes:

    - Account with minimum of 5 gb storage space (additional space available upon request)

    - 24/7 secure access ( access your account from anywhere, anytime)

    - Connection encryption (your information is strongly encrypted while being uploaded to our server) 

    - Password protection

    - Regular server backups, to make sure your data is safe!